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Shanghaied Heart​

Tossed together in the underbelly of a ship, strangers Finn Callaghan and Prudence Hawthorne must learn to trust one another in order to escape, but their freedom may be short lived once Finn discovers Prudence’s brother wants her dead.

Last Stand for Love

U.S. Marshal Chas Brown agreed to be Sarah’s proxy husband in order for her to keep her dead husband’s ranch. Little did Chas know, he’s lose his heart in the process.

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Heart of Gold​

A mysterious valentine and a missing child bring school marm Jenny Wolcott and Sheriff Evan Carey together, however a father hell-bent on teaching the town and his young son a lesson threatens to keep them apart – forever.​

Fireworks and Fancies

As a Judge’s daughter, Celeste Tarkiel is politically savvy, and more than slightly impressed with Representative Jeremiah Folsum. She’d tell him so, too, if he ever quit avoiding her.

The way Celeste flirts rankles Jeremiah. Yet, her keen mind and beauty holds his interest – perhaps too deeply. Especially, when he learns another man is prepared to ask for her hand in marriage.

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The Outlaw’s Wife

Ever since Sarah Lynn Star’s outlaw husband died from a gunshot, she’s been on the move to keep her ex-brother-in-law from finding her. Now that she’s found a place to call home and is falling for the local marshal, her past has come back with a vengeance.​

Charity’s Desire

Alone and left to raise her twin niece and nephew, Charity Bowen, finds solace and work with a troupe of traveling prostitutes when a high-and-mighty local woman talks the school counsel into not hiring her.

Duke Jamison has political aspirations and is the son of the woman who refused to hire Charity. When he discovers her washing clothes at the prostitutes’ camp, he wants to get to know her better and prove his mother wrong. However, offering her money to talk to her only raises her hackles.

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Christmas Eve Promise

Sheriff Jubal Denton promises Suzie Harper they’ll marry Christmas Eve. Two weeks before Christmas a breakout at the Willow Bend jail sends Jubal across the state in an attempt to capture the outlaw. Christmas Eve arrives. Other members of the posse have returned, but where is Jubal?​

New Year’s Kiss

Edda Rae Barlett is pacing back and forth on New Year’s Eve waiting for her beau, Cort Haywood. He said he had something important to tell her before the end of the year. And there are only a few hours left to this year. Her best friend arrives, dragging her to a party and into a game her friend learned while traveling. Edda Rae likes the fact she is elbow to elbow with Cort, but soon learns everyone in the room knows something about the game but her.

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Christmas Redemption
Historical western Romance novella

Van Donovan returns to Pleasant Valley, Oregon where twelve years earlier, as a boy of fifteen, he left in handcuffs after standing guard for a bank robbery. He’s learned a trade and excelled at it. He’s ready to prove to his father and the town he can amount to something.

Upon his return, he learns the fate of the daughter of an innocent man who died in the robbery crossfire. To make amends he takes her out of the saloon and gives her a job. But can she forgive his part in her father’s death?

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Isabella’s plans of a wonderful Christmas are thwarted when her father hands her a World Intelligence Agency mission. He allows Tino to help her with the mission, so they can be together. As the days hasten to Christmas can she decipher the wooden cube she’s been handed or will her first Christmas with Tino be a bust?

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